My Plex Server

This past weekend, I decided to try my hand at creating a Plex server based on the Ubuntu Server version 12.04.1. I bought an old hp tower from the BYU-Idaho surplus for about $40. This tower has 3 GB of ram and an 80 GB hard drive. The processor hits about 3 GHz. It came with Windows xp but that didn’t really matter to me. The specs should be plenty for a little in house Plex server. I decided to use Ubuntu server without a GUI so that I could work a little more with the command line Linux commands and have more processing power for my movies.

I found this great tutorial to follow and will show the errors and problems that I ran into.


USB: I first attempted to install this server off a bootable jump drive. I downloaded the ISO from a friend and used ‘live-usb-install’ software to put it onto a jump drive. The install failed early on when trying to unpack all the neccessary files. I also tried ‘LiLi USB Creator’ and tried again but it failed. I decided it was time to use a DVD and using the same ISO everything went through just fine. The DVD seems to be a more full-proof approach.

Partitions: The next problem that I ran into was partitioning my system. I wanted to keep xp for simple home use if needed. When I got into the options for partitioning, I basically went through the basic ‘guided’ partitioning and everything went through fine until I went to install packages. I was given a ‘No space left on disk’ error. I presumed that this was from the inodes in the Linux OS. However, after typing

df -i

I discovered that I had about 50% left.

I ended up trying these commands anyway in attempt to fix the errors I was getting.

cd /var/lib/apt
sudo mv lists lists.old
sudo mkdir -p lists/partial
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update

Lo and behold, the problem remained. I decided that I probably partitioned things wrong from the beginning so I started over. This time I did manual partitioning and removed everything but the partition for my xp. After cleaning up these partition and reinstalling Ubuntu  server, I continued back through the tutorial. This time with success!

First thing I did was get on my nearest laptop and went to ‘http://server-ip-address:32400/manage/index.html’

The beautiful plex logo appeared and I created an account. What I have to figure out now is how to add my server to my plex account (the account is free and you add your devices and servers to that account).

Anyway, now I just have to rip my movies for the digital versions! 🙂